Our Surveys Said

We have run a couple of surveys recently to get an idea of what topics people thought should be looked at by the overview and scrutiny boards.

The first survey was through Swansea Voices – the Council’s citizen’s panel.  We had 85 suggestions back from this.  The second survey was an internal survey of staff and councillors and we got a further  26 suggestions from that. 

Overall the 111 suggestions we had broke down as follows for the different areas that the boards cover:

  • Child & Family Services – 3
  • Children, Young People & Learning – 9
  • Environment & Communites – 57
  • Health, Social Care and Wellbeing – 16
  • Performance & Finance – 26

Perhaps unsurprisingly the main concerns were around environmental issues such as traffic, parking and waste although there were also quite a few suggestions linked to efficiency in the council more generally.

All of the suggestions are being fed back to the boards at their first meetings so that the can be considered as part of their work plan discussions.  The full lists will be included in the papers for each board.

Thanks to everyone who responded – please keep those ideas rolling in!


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