Performance & Finance – The Challenges

Earlier today the Performance & Finance Overview & Scrutiny Board met to discuss their work plan.

To set the context Jack Straw, the Council’s Executive Director, explained the range of issues facing the Resources Department and provided a presentation on the Council’s budget situation which covered a number of issues.

The Council’s very difficult budget situation will clearly be centre stage for all of the Board’s work this year and, as a main review, they will look at the issue of regional working – in other words the potential for making savings by sharing services with other local councils or other local public bodies.

The Board were also keen to incorporate the ideas of the public, staff and other councillors into their work plan and have picked up on a couple of suggestions made through recent surveys undertaken for overview & scrutiny.  The issues they will look at are:

  • The process of choosing IT systems and consultants (Swansea Voices suggestion)
  • Asset Management (Councillor suggestion)
  • Project Management – Is It Value for Money? (Staff suggestion)
  • Workforce Programme (Suggested by all)

These will all now feature as discussions at future board meetings and may spark more detailed work.

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