Scrutiny, Social Media & Us

I’ve been asked to speak at conference next week about our experience with social media (blogging, twittering etc).

I’ve given  conference presentations before but this one is a first – it’s being held online.

The conference is called Local by Social and its being held on the Communities of Practice website.   This online conference will bring together a range of experts from the public and private sectors to lead discussions in three areas:

  • Using social media to improve engagement between councils and citizens
  • Practitioners: creating and sharing knowledge online
  • Exploring Open data for improvement and innovation

If you haven’t heard of CoP it’s a UK site for public service practitioners – people can set up their own communities around any aspect of public service.  There is one called Better Swansea, which I help to facilitate, aimed at supporting partnership working and the delivery of the community strategy in Swansea.  You need to register but it is free (which definitely helps!). 

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to my slot at the conference next Thursday at 10.00.  I’m expecting to learn a lot not least because of all the very knowledgeable and inspiring people who will be attending.   Last time I looked about 450 people had signed up so its certainly one of the biggest events I have been involved in.

Here is my presentation – hopefully it will set the scene for some online discussion:

View more presentations from Dave Mckenna.

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