Time Together Gorseinon – getting councillors on board

Councillors on the Health Social Care & Well Being Overview & Scrutiny Board have been investigating the change that is happening to the way adult social care is delivered. 

This change, known as the transformation programme , seeks to put the citizen right at the heart of service design and aims to build community capacity so that people can get support and help from within their own communities. 

Councillors on the Overview & Scrutiny Board felt that this was a big shift from the way services are currently delivered and they agreed to do some investigating of their own.   One particular project the councillors were interested in was the Gorseinon Time Together project.  They paid a visit to the project just before Christmas – here is some of the short piece I did for the Social Servcies Staff Newsletter:

Engagement Activities

The councillors visited the Blaengarw time banking project to see how an established time banking project functions, understand how they grew membership and discuss funding and sustainability The councillors on the board have met with the Gorseinon Time Together Steering Group and discussed the following themes:

  •  Services & participation
  •  Relationships with partners
  •  Building volunteer numbers & sustainability
  •  Accountability

The councillors visited Gorseinon Time Together to meet with Wendy Henderson, the co-ordinator. They
discussed how the project is funded, who accesses the activities, what activities are available, how
volunteer numbers will be grown and how it will be sustained.

Next steps

The councillors hope to meet with the Alliance in January and Wendy has agreed to send out a
questionnaire to the active citizens on behalf of the councillors. Once they’ve gathered all their evidence and
analysed it they will send their findings and recommendations in a final report to the Cabinet Member.

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