Delivering better services at a lower cost for older people in Wales – Webinar

Last Thursday I participated in a Social Services Improvement Agency “webinar” – an online live seminar and webcast – on the very relevant topic of delivering better services at a lower cost for older people in Wales.  Over the past 6 months John Bolton, formerly of the Department of Health in England has been working with the SSIA and each of the 22 local authorities in exploring how services for older people are structured and how resources are spent across Wales, with a view to developing an ‘ideal service model’ that can deliver for Wales and builds upon existing good practice.
I decided to participate in the webinar for a number of reasons: the Health Social Care & Well Being Overview and Scrutiny Board has focussed it work this year on the transformation and personalisation of adult social care in Swansea and will keep this focus next year; as training budgets are tight at the moment, I felt that this was a cost effective method of engagement and practice sharing (over 400 people were online for the webinar) and would be great for my professional development. 
The webinar was interactive and participants were able to watch and listen to the speakers and submit questions which were addressed as the webinar progressed.  The resources from this webinar and a previous one, also on the subject of services for older people, are available on the link below.  I will definitely keep an eye out for future webinars!

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