The Building Blocks to improving Literacy in Swansea

The Board agreed to refer its latest report to Cabinet for decision at its meeting on Monday 28th February.  The Review of Literacy has been a detailed piece of work which has culminating in a number of recommendations for improvement.

Councillors spoke to literacy advisors, Headteachers, school governors, local teacher training colleges and parents.  They looked at performance data, local policies and national strategies and many examples of good practice.  The Board were pleased to find that initiatives like literacy across the curriculum and the eight learning behaviours were leading the way in Swansea.  It was felt that these were forming a good basis from which the literacy strategy can be developed.  Councillors were keen to see a strategy developed that will address literacy issues from early years into adulthood.

The Board were particularly concerned to find that some children were starting their education with little on no speech skills.  They were also surprised that not every teacher had the necessary skills to teach literacy through their subject areas.  You can find a copy of the report here


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