Cabinet agree recycling recommendations

Last Thursday Swansea Council’s  Cabinet agreed the recommendations from the Environment & Communities Overview & Scrutiny Board’ s review into waste minimisation, recycling and composting. 

Councillor June Evans, who is the Chair of the Board, presented the review report to Cabinet and gave a summary of the work carried out by the Board during the course of the review.  She told Cabinet Members that the Board spent a significant amount of time last year investigating the issue of waste minimisation and recycling in Swansea; including 8 separate evidence gathering sessions over a period of several months, before analysing the evidence gathered to form a number of conclusions and recommendations.

She said that the Board had agreed that a substantial amount of work has been undertaken by the Recycling Team and the rest of the Environment Directorate to achieve challenging recycling targets set by the Welsh Government. However, she went on to say that without increased participation from the residents of the City & County of Swansea there is a risk that the  targets will not be met. 

The Board made 17 recommendations to Cabinet, 15 were agreed in full and 2 were partially agreed. The Board is now looking forward to receiving the Cabinet Member’s action plan in September giving details on how the recommendations will be implemented.


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