Teaching Assistants in Swansea Primary Schools

The Children, Young People and Learning Overview and Scrutiny Board are in the progress of reviewing the role of Teaching Assistants across the primary sector in schools in Swansea.  Councillors chose this subject at a Board meeting in June and have started their investigations with

  • a visit to a small rural primary school speaking to the Head Teacher and having a focus group with six Teaching Assistants 
  • spoken to the Head of Education Inclusion about those Teaching Assistants that support children with Special Education Needs
  • a question and answer session with the Cabinet Member and the Director of Education
  • sent a questionnaire to Councillors, Chairs of Governors and Headteachers

image depicting homework plannerOver the coming two months the Board plan to

  1. visit a larger urban area primary school meeting with the Head and Teaching Assistants
  2. speak to the Head of Education Effectiveness about the current role and responsibilities of Teaching Assistants including looking at the training available and how they are supported in their professional development.
  3. Have a focus group with Teaching Assistants from across schools in Swansea.

The Board aim to complete the evidence gathering for the review by the end of November with a draft report to Cabinet early in the new year.


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