Top Performing Schools

The Board were pleased to invite Cwmglas Primary School Headteacher and Chair of Governors for a question and answer session based on their Estyn Inspection and pupil outcomes to their meeting on 7th November 2011.  The school has been identified as top performing and Councillors wanted to find out the reasons for this.  They were especially pleased to see:

   Image depicting teacher1i

  • A good established partnerships with parents and community
  • A strong focus on basic skills
  • A ethos of high expectations from staff, pupils and parents
  • Good confident leadership from the Headteacher and Governing Body
  • Established performance management systems
  • Constant focus on improving school attendance

Councillors were also keen to hear about the sharing of good practice through the newly established system leaders approach and feel that good practice shown at top performing schools like this one should be filtered across all schools in the area.

The Board plan to speak to a further two schools at the meeting in March although they haven’t yet identified those, after which a report will be put together giving the Boards views.

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