Social Services Improvement Agency Learning Library

The SSIA has launched a new ‘Learning library’ which pulls together the wide selection of SSIA learning resources developed over the past 5 years.  The  library allows you to search through a wide selection of resources, ranging from reports, interactive toolkits, factsheets and e-learning resources, and through a range of topics across adult and children’s services.

The library also highlights work from current national programmes such as the review of older people’s services in  ?Wales?, safeguarding and integrated services.  You will also be able to download updated resources from one of the first SSIA flagship programmes, Better Outcomes for Children in Need.

Here are just some examples of the resources available:

  • Assessment and Care Management
  • Better Support at Lower Cost: Improving efficiency and effectiveness in services for older people in Wales
  • Citizen Directed Support – Readiness Assessment Tool
  • Demonstrating Improvement through Children’s Safeguarding
  • ‘Getting Engaged’ – Carer and Service User Engagement
  • Improving Services for Looked After Children and Children in Need
  • In Your Hands – Making Assessment and Care Planning Decisions in Children’s Services
  • Reablement Toolkit
  • Study into approaches to service delivery that promote independence

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