Visitors from Mannheim

The Board recently welcomed delegates from Mannheim Council, including their Mayor, Dr Peter Kurtz and the Deputy Mayor, Christian Specht.  Representatives from the Social Democrats, Liberal Democrats, Christian Democrats and the Green party also accompanied them, along with a number of officers.  They met with the Chair of the Board, Councillor Darren Price, before the meeting to discuss how Councillors are involved with performance issues.

The main agenda item was a comprehensive presentation by Jeremy Stephens, the Council’s Head of Performance & Strategic Projects, on the new strategic planning framework and partnership / regional working.  He was looking for the Board’s view on how they wanted to be involved and engage in the process.

A brief update was given on progress towards single status, but the Board decided that it wanted to have a more in depth presentation at the next meeting on 6th February.  A short presentation was given on the draft strategic equality plan and the annual equality and diversity review for 2010 – 2011.  Councillors requested further information on how the City & County of Swansea compares with other local authorities.  Board members were advised on the 4 current proposals for ICT services.  The Board also agreed to hold a special meeting in February to look at the details of the budget proposals before they go to Cabinet.  The papers for the meeting can be found here.

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