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The Child & Family Services Overview & Scrutiny Board recently followed up on the report it produced last year on the Role of Councillors as Corporate Parents.

The Board reviewed the updated action plan that was drawn up by the Cabinet Member for Social Services to address the various scrutiny recommendations.

With council elections taking place in May it will be particularly important for new councillors to understand corporate parenting and for the Authority to do all it can to help them.

As recommended by the Overview & Scrutiny Board Nomination Packs for all potential candidates will include a link to Councillor’s Job Descriptions and Person Specifications, which now make explicit reference to the duty of corporate parenting.

The Corporate Parenting Guide produced by the Board was adopted by the Council in March 2011 and will be included in new councillor ‘induction packs’ post Council elections. Also following the local elections, training on corporate parenting will feature in the Council’s induction programme for new councillors.

Together with improvements in the way the Council’s Corporate Parenting Forum is working and efforts to improve information to councillors on looked after children, the Board is pleased about the impact that its work has had so far.

The Board is expected to carry out a final follow up on their recommendations later this year.

 Photo credit: Torfaen County Borough Council


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