Scrutiny of Council performance

 A scrutiny panel has been set up to look at the Council’s performance targets. The Panel is made up of the members of the Scrutiny Programme Board, who are the Chairs and Vice Chairs of the Council’s three scrutiny boards, along with the Chair of the Council.

The role of the Panel is to consider quarterly and annual performance reports and whether any issues need to be referred to the relevant scrutiny boards. The Panel’s full terms of reference can be found here.

This is the first time the Panel are meeting so to help them get to grips with the Council’s approach to performance management they will receive a presentation from the Council’s Corporate Improvement Manager. He will explain how the Council plans for and monitors performance; the Council’s legal requirements in terms of performance; the relationship the Council has with its regulators; and the resources in place to deal with this.

Following the presentation Councillors will consider the first quarter’s performance monitoring report (April-June), which was reported to Cabinet on 6th September.

Panel meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in attending panel meetings you can contact us in the Scrutiny Team on 01792 636393 or via email .

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