Tourism and the local economy

The Tourism Inquiry Panel met last week to look at tourism and the local economy, as part of their review of Tourism in Swansea.  They invited officers from the Economic Regeneration and Planning Department to take part in a question and answer session.  The discussion was wide and took in range of issues including for example:

  • Legislation and guidance that impacts on tourism development such as the Spatial Plan,  Swansea 2020, the Unitary Development Plan and potentially the new city regions
  • The concept of a destination management plan for Swansea
  • Supporting new business and the mix of attractions available

image depicting Helwick lightshipimage depicting Swansea Castle remainsimage depicting Swansea Bay Rider

The Panel will meet again towards the end of September where they will discuss issues around destination management planning in the area of environment and transport.

 If you would like further information please contact Scrutiny by email on or by telephone on 01792 637256.


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