Tourism and the public realm in Swansea

The Tourism Inquiry Panel met on the 26th September to look at destination planning in relation to environment and transport issues  as part of their review of Tourism in Swansea. The Director for Environment and officers from the Tourism and Marketing Section attended the meeting to take part in a question and answer session. The discussion took in a range of issues, some of these included:

  • Directional signage across the city
  • Tourism Information Centre as a visitor information hub and the use of information points around city
  • Toilet facitities across the city and county area
image depicting swansea-gower busImage depicting Footpath Greenimage depicting LC Swansea
  • Disguising of empty store fronts
  • Co-ordination between departments around major events and at busy tourist times
  • Cleanliness of the city centre and tourist locations
  • Working towards a high quality public realm
  • Transport and the gateways into Swansea

The Panel will meet again towards the end of October where they will discuss issues around the gateways to Swansea from the sea.

If you would like further information please contact Scrutiny by email on or by telephone on 01792 637256.

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