Economic Inactivity – A New Inquiry Panel is Underway

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 Councillors on the Economic Inactivity Inquiry Panel met for the first time on 27th March 2013, to agree the way forward and to determine how best to answer the question “How Well is the Council and its Partners Tackling Economic Inactivity in our Communities?”


In order to address the main question, the councillors will explore:

• What is the current situation in Swansea?
• What is being done at national, regional and local level?
• How effective are initiatives in Swansea compared with elsewhere?
• What are the gaps and opportunities for new initiatives?
• What does the evidence suggest could be done differently?
• How well has European Funding been used?

The Panel will make recommendations at the end of the Inquiry for improvements on the current situation in respect of economic inactivity.

Over the next few months the councillors will be gathering evidence. This will include meeting with professionals from organisations across Swansea and visiting centres and establishments associated with the Inquiry subject. Additionally, the councillors will be looking for examples of good practice from elsewhere in Wales and the UK.

Scrutiny Panel meetings are open to the public and generally take place in the Civic Centre. Panel members would welcome members of the public to participate in future Panel meetings. If you are interested in attending and/or participating in any of these meetings, kindly contact us in the Scrutiny Team on 01792 636393, or via email

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