Improving the experiences of looked after children scrutiny inquiry draws to a close

The scrutiny inquiry panel set up to examine how services for looked after children in Swansea can be improved has just completed its evidence gathering.   The key question the inquiry sought to answer was: how can the local authority improve the experience of looked after children in Swansea when they access services from the Council and partners.

The panel sought answers to this question through consultation and engagement with:

The Head of Child & Family Services, Foster Swansea, the Education department, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board, the Children’s Rights Officer and the Youth Offending Team.

The next step in the inquiry process is for councillors on the panel to consider their findings so that they can draw up evidence based conclusions and recommendations.   The inquiry panel report in May and the final report will be available on the blog.


  1. Linda Tyler-Lloyd says

    I was asked last weekend by a concerned Church-Club worker would the Foster Child about to leave care be “kept an eye on by social services when he reaches 18” I think this has been discussed and I can’t remember the answer!

    • Delyth Davies says

      Dave Howes, our Head of Child and Family Services has clarified the position with regards to your initial questions. Social services commission a leaving care service from Barnados in order to provide the ongoing support for care leavers post 18 years. This service includes support from a qualified social worker.

      Thanks again for your interest in the scrutiny blog.

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