Looking at school performance

The schools performance scrutiny panel met with the Headteacher and Chair of Governors of Cwmglas Primary School.  They were impressed with the work and standards at the school given the challenging environment in which the school is positioned.  The impact on the school of supporting and educating children in an area of high social and economically disadvantage was outstanding.

 The Panel were particularly pleased to see:

  • The excellent links with parents
  • Close working with partner secondary school and the cluster primaries
  • The clear improvement in children’s attendance
  • Excellent leadership by both the Headteacher and governing body

image depicting school uniform thumbnailimage depicting list of infant schoolsimage depicting Primary boy

The Panel were concerned about the increased need for language and speech therapy and the acknowledged shortage of trained practitioners, recognising that this is not just a local problem but is a challenge right across Wales.  The Panel also wanted to find out more about the lack of space at the school and position in relation to any possible school enlargement including the idea of an extra demountable classroom.

Later in the month the Panel will be speaking to Ysgol Gyfun Gwyr Welsh Secondary School.  So watch this space.



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