Views sought from the Children’s Commissioner for Wales

A representative from the office of the Children’s Commissioner will be meeting with the Attainment and Wellbeing Scrutiny Inquiry Panel next week to discuss children and young peoples wellbeing especially in relation to schools.

image depicting Picture of two young girls reading books

Some of the issues the Panel will raise include for example:

  1. What young people are most concerned about currently (in relation to Wellbeing matters)?
  2. What can be done to help improve children and young people wellbeing? (especially in schools)
  3. In your opinion ‘what works’ when improving Children and Young People’s wellbeing (i.e.: initiatives etc)?
  4. What the barriers might be to further improvement?
  5. Are there particular groups of children that could be served better by the schools ?
  6. Any examples of good practice they may have come across in relation to wellbeing and schools?

The role of the Childrens Commissioner is to stand up and speak out for children and young people.  He works to make sure that children and young people are kept safte and that they know about and can access their rights (more information on the Childen’s Commissioner for Wales role can be found here).

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