Do You Have A Question For the Cabinet Member for Opportunities for Children & Young People?

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At their next meeting the Scrutiny Programme Committee will be holding a question and answer session with Councillor Mitch Theaker who is Cabinet Member for Opportunities for Children & Young People and they are looking for ideas for questions.   


Cllr. Mitch Theaker

Councillor Theaker’s portfolio responsibilities include: Play & Youth Services; Youth Offending Service; and involvement in projects such as Workways / Beyond Bricks & Mortar which aim to support people in finding work experience, training and employment.

What questions do you think the committee should ask him? The committee would welcome your suggestions. Any suggestions made by the end of June will be taken into account by the committee in developing its questioning strategy.

Let us have your ideas by adding a comment to this post, by email to or tweet us at @swanseascrutiny.

The committee meeting will take place on Monday 8th July at 4.30 pm in the Civic Centre, Swansea (the committee meets every 4 weeks) and the public are welcome to attend.

The Cabinet is effectively in charge of the day-to-day running of the Council and each of the 10 Cabinet Members have a portfolio of specific service areas for which they are responsible.

Scrutiny is an essential part of ensuring that government remains effective and accountable.  One of the most important roles that scrutiny carries out is holding the council’s cabinet to account.

By acting as a ‘critical friend’ scrutiny has the opportunity to challenge the cabinet and individual cabinet members, on their actions and monitor performance.

The Scrutiny Programme Committee will be holding a series of Cabinet Member Questioning Session over the course of the year. Generally speaking scrutiny will explore:

  • key activities and achievements
  • significant decisions that have been made and impact
  • how they have engaged with service users / public
  • how they are measuring success
  • current plans / priorities and challenges in the months ahead

In addition to individual questioning sessions the Scrutiny Programme Committee will also be keeping watch on Cabinet business to look out for opportunities to undertake pre-decision scrutiny – to ensure accountability for decisions even before they are taken.

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