Talking to providers about social care at home

BlogSocial Care at Home Scrutiny Panel members met with a number of providers of social care at home (aka domiciliary care) recently, to learn about the service they provide and to give the councillors a unique opportunity to hear about concerns and issues that may be affecting the current system.

The Social Care at Home Panel  members were very grateful to the following agencies for their participation and contribution to the inquiry. These were a few of a number of service providers working in and around Swansea:

  • Alpha Homecare
  • Crosshands Home Services
  • Aylecare Nursing Services
  • Village Homecare
  • Home Comforts
  • Family Housing Association
  • Coastal Housing

During the meeting a number of issues were raised and the councillors felt that the discussion had provided them with food for thought. The results of their findings will be detailed in an in-depth report, which should be available  around June/July of this year, together with any recommendations they wish to propose for improvements to be made to the service.

Some of the topics discussed were:

  1. The merits of outcome focused and time tasked care
  2. Eligibility criteria to receive care
  3. The Assessment and Reassessment Processes
  4. How the Brokerage List works
  5. Financial implications – for agencies, service      users & the Council
  6. The cost of additional (private) services to service users
  7. Communication barriers
  8. The Complaints Procedure
  9. Abuse of the service by some service users
  10. The appropriateness, frequency and lengths of visits
  11. What ‘0’ hour contracts mean for carers
  12. Resources and training available for carers
  13. Carers salaries, including travelling costs
  14.  Food services for service users, including food preparation time

Over the next couple of weeks the Panel will be visiting service users in day centres across Swansea, to hear what they have to say about the service they receive in their homes.

If you feel that you have anything to contribute to this inquiry, please email:, or contact a Scrutiny Officer on 01792 636393.

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