How we can reduce the amount of litter dropped on our streets?

Environmental enforcement has helped to reduce the amount of litter being dropped on the streets in Swansea.  A team of 4 enforcement officers as well as a media campaign and an education programme has meant that people are dropping less litter.

This does mean that people are getting fixed penalty notices of £75 for dropping litter (reduced to £50 if it is paid early) and uniformed officers are visible on the streets.  Environmental enforcement sounds a bit heavy handed but the deterrent seems to be working.  The city centre cleaning teams have reported a consistent reduction in the amount of litter dropped and ash trays are emptied at double to three times the previous frequency.

The enforcement programme does not generate any profit for the Council and there are no financial incentives or targets for enforcement officers to issue tickets.  This is a partnership between the Council and a private company 3GS.

All enforcement officers wear body cameras which helps to assess the validity of disputed tickets and complaints.  Councillors on the Street Scene panel watched some recordings of tickets being issued and were impressed by the professionalism of the enforcement officers and their interactions with the public.

The Street Scene panel has almost finished its scrutiny inquiry and it will definitely be endorsing Council policy is this area and recommending that it continues with this type of environmental enforcement.

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