An innovative way of scrutinising school performance


Councillors in Swansea have developed an innovative way of scrutising school performance in Swansea.  They have been meeting with schools, chairs of governors and system leaders to identify good practice and to look at schools that may be causing concern.  They have a preparation session with the individual schools system leader and then meet the Headteacher and chair of Governors.  The Panel then feedback their views, comments and recommendations to the Cabinet Member for Learning and Skills and to the school.

This process has also helped the Panel develop its work future work programme  by highlighting issues that may be of particular concern to schools and to the education authority.  A number of issues the panel will look at this year have arisen through this process including for example: the consistency in teacher and classroom assessments, schools use of the pupil deprivation grant and the recruitment and performance of senior staff within schools. If you would like further information on how Swansea Councillors carry out their schools performance scrutiny you can contact us by email at

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