Education Inclusion Scrutiny Inquiry Update


Councillors previously planned to carry out an inquiry into Education Inclusion, particularly education other than at school, which was due to start in April.  This was highlighted as a concern by the recommendation arising from the recent local authority education services for children and young people Estyn Inspection which stated that we need to ‘improve the quality of provision for those pupils who are educated other than at school, particularly to raise standards of achievement and to assist reintegration back into schools’.

However an external review of these services was being undertaken therefore the Panel agreed to postpone the scrutiny inquiry.  The Inquiry Panel believed rather than duplicating work already taking place they would wait until the external review is complete and is ready to report its findings, which is due to happen around autumn.

The Panel will reconvene around that time with a meeting to consider the findings of the external review.  It will then report its views and judgements on how scrutiny should progress to the Scrutiny Programme Committee.

Keep an eye on the blog where we will keep you up-to-date on progress.

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