How do we ensure consistency in support to schools by challenge leaders?


The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel, at their meeting next week will look at  how we ensure there is consistency in support to schools by challenge leaders.   This is one of the issues that was highlighted for further work by the Panel when they spoke to schools over the last year.

Some of the issues the Panel are particularly interested in finding out include:

  • How challenge leaders advise and support schools in order for them to meet the objectives identified in their school improvement plan
  • The strategies used across the service by challenge leaders to improve performance of schools
  • How activities of individual challenge leaders is coordinated to ensure consistency is maintained
  • How the effectiveness of challenge leaders is measured
  • How they work with schools to ensure they are including the voices of children and young people in their improvement journeys

The Panel will meet with the Head of School Improvement and the councils Chief Education Officer to discuss these issues and will then write their views in a letter to the relevant Cabinet Member/s.

If you would like further information about this work or scrutiny in general you can contact us on


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