Speaking to schools – Morriston Comprehensive

The Schools Performance Panel as part of their scrutiny role have agreed to speak to a selection of schools over this council year.  Their first school this year will be Morriston Comprehensive School. The Panel have invited the Headteacher and Chair of Governors to a meeting this week, some of the issues they discuss will  include for example:

  • What the school has done since their last Estyn Inspection to improve outcomes
  • What barriers the school may face to making further improvements
  • How the school uses tools and initiatives to improve outcomes
  • What the school does to improve pupil attendance
  • How the school uses and shares good practice

The meeting will be held on Thursday 16 October at 4.30pm in Swansea Civic Centre.  If you would like further information about this meeting or about scrutiny more generally please contact us.

Photo credit: https://swansea-edunet.gov.uk/en/images/head_morriston.jpg


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