Why is Corporate Culture so important?


A positive corporate culture is important because, if we get it right, it sets the tone of the organisation and drives the desired behaviour which in term will help produce the right results. The culture of Swansea Council therefore needs to be aligned with (and used to reinforce) what the Council is seeking to achieve. The Council wants staff culture to be more focused on empowerment, personal responsibility, innovation and collaboration.

The Corporate Culture Scrutiny Inquiry Panel will speak to the Cabinet Member for Transformation and Performance at their meeting on 11 February.  Some of the issue to be discuss will include:

  1. What does a can do culture look like?  How do we know it when we see it?
  2. How we are progressing with those policy commitment that relate to improving organisational culture?
  3. How do we measure success?
  4. How can Councillors contribute to improving the council culture?

If you would like further information on this meeting or scrutiny in general you can contact us at scrutiny@swansea.gov.uk


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