Do you have a question for Councillor Rob Stewart, Leader of the Council?

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Rob Stewart, will be appearing before the Scrutiny Programme Committee on 13 July for a question and answer session. The committee welcome your ideas for questions.

Cllr. Rob Stewart

Cllr. Rob Stewart

As Leader, Councillor Stewart is responsible for:

  •  providing political leadership to the Council
  • working with officers to lead the organisation
  • appointing the Cabinet
  • managing and leading the work of the Cabinet and chairing meetings
  • delegation of all executive functions that allow the Cabinet and Officers to make decisions and manage day-to-day delivery of Council Services, in line with the Council’s overall policies and budget
  • internal governance, ethical standards and relationships
  • representing and acting as ambassador for the authority
  • leading partnerships and community leadership

The committee will explore the work he has done in this role, looking at priorities, actions, achievements and impact.

The meeting will focus on Councillor Stewart’s role as Leader. A separate session, in December, will explore Councillor Stewart’s specific Finance & Strategy cabinet portfolio responsibilities.

Is there anything that you think the committee should ask him? Any suggestions made by 10 July will be looked at by the committee in developing its questioning strategy and the key ones will be put to Councillor Stewart.

Let us have your ideas by adding a comment to this post, by email to or tweet us at @swanseascrutiny.

The committee meeting will take place on Monday 13 July at 4.30 pm in Committee Room 1, Civic Centre, Swansea and the public are welcome to attend.

A summary of each session, including public questions that are asked, responses, and views of the committee are included in a letter to the relevant cabinet member. Both these letters and responses from Cabinet Members are published on the council website and in future Scrutiny Programme Committee agendas.

Cabinet Member Question Sessions are a feature of Scrutiny Programme Committee meetings. At least one cabinet member is scheduled to appear at each committee meeting, ensuring all 10 Cabinet Members appear before the committee over the course of a year, in order to ask questions on their work.

If you have a question for other Cabinet Members the schedule for future meetings is as follows:

10 August:              Cllr. Christine Richards (Deputy Leader) – Services for Children & Young People

14 September:      Cllr. Jennifer Raynor – Education

12 October:           Cllr. Mark Thomas – Environment & Transportation

16 November:      Cllr. Clive Lloyd – Transformation & Performance

14 December:       Cllr Rob Stewart – Finance & Strategy

11 January:            Cllr Will Evans – Anti Poverty

8 February:           Cllr. Jane Harris – Services for Adults & Vulnerable People

14 March:              Cllr. Mark Child – Wellbeing & Healthy City

11 April:                 Cllr. Robert Francis-Davies – Enterprise, Development & Regeneration

9 May:                     Cllr. David Hopkins – Communities & Housing


Image: City and County of Swansea

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