What has been the impact of inward investment scrutiny?


The Cabinet Member for Enterprise, Development and Regeneration will attend the scrutiny panel on the 14 July to update Councillor’s on the progress and  impact of the scrutiny recommendations that were agreed by Cabinet on the 26 August 2014 in relation to  inquiry into inward investment into the locality.

The Inquiry found that Swansea has many assets that could potentially encourage investment to the area like, for example, superfast Broadband, good transport links, relatively low property and rental costs, a large ready loyal labour force and facilities for training, research and development through our Universities and colleges locally.  However, it highlighted that work needs to be done to pro actively encourage investment and currently the resources to do so are limited, recognising that potentially this could be addressed through the new City Regions Strategy.  The Panel believe that we need to work more with other organisations and local business to increase our resource and skills base in order be able to have a wider reach.

Watch this blog for a further update after the meeting.



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