Developing a ‘can do’ culture is everybody’s business


The Corporate Culture Scrutiny Inquiry Panel  reported its finding and recommendations to Cabinet on the 20th August.  The Council Cabinet will now consider the report and its findings and give their response within the next couple of months.

This topic was chosen for scrutiny because, as a Council our corporate culture underpins everything we do, from how we engage with our citizens and provide services to how we treat our staff and how we grow and develop as an organisation.

The Panel found that there is no one overarching culture within the Council, rather a number of shared cultures that operate within the Council to bind us together as one organisation.   The challenges faced by cuts to Council budgets and the implications of public sector re-organisation pose a serious threat to that notion of a shared culture.  Therefore as Councillors, management and staff we have a shared responsibility to respond to these challenges by developing a “can do culture” that ensures the citizens of Swansea continue to receive the best Council service possible.

The evidence represented in this report clearly shows that there is a genuine will and enthusiasm from all involved to develop a “can do culture” throughout the Council.  However this can only be achieved through the development of a clear shared vision that encourages innovation, values staff and puts in place mechanisms that empower and motivate all involved to deliver high quality services.

You can find a full copy of the report here


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