Working to Build Sustainable Communities

Community Garden

We need to build and support sustainable communities because this will result in better outcomes for people and reduce the cost of services.  Current models of service deliver are unsustainable and do not always provide the best outcomes.

Scrutiny Councillors in Swansea recognise the importance of building sustainable communities and have therefore agreed to carry out a piece of scrutiny work into the matter.

A working group will take place on the 26 November where Councillors will look at Building Sustainable Communities with a particular reference to Community Action.

It is envisaged that the inquiry will support the work of the council by providing, for example:

  • Some proposals for improvement in the long, medium and short term
  • Provide a Councillor perspective on how well the aspect is working
  • Point to good practice examples
  • Share the views of different people involved within this aspect

If you would like further information about this inquiry or about scrutiny more generally you can find on our web pages at

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