Building Sustainable Communities


The Building Sustainable Communities scrutiny panel will next meet on the 14 January where they will plan their inquiry which will focus more specifically on how the council can best support residents to run some services in their own communities. In order to maintain important local services the council will need to be a radical in looking at different ways of delivering them.   A partnership with local communities will offer a solution to keeping certain services running.  The term  community action has been used to explain some of this activity.

The Panel will discuss what aspects they would like to look at, who they will speak to and consult with.  Some of the key lines of inquiry will include for example:

  • What does community action mean in practice
  • What level of support might the council provide
  • How the Council is and will work with communities on this matter
  • Look at good practice examples here and elsewhere
  • Ensuring continuity and sustainability of service provision

If you would like any further information about this inquiry or other aspects of scrutiny you can visit out web pages at

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