Why do we do pre-decision scrutiny?

Pre-decision scrutiny is the process that enables scrutiny councillors to engage with the Cabinet before it takes decisions and there are very good reasons why it should happen.
  1. Its an opportunity for consultation with non-executive councillors before Cabinet makes its decision.
  2. It enables scrutiny councillors to gain information and develop an understanding on particular issues.
  3. It contributes to scrutiny’s role as a “critical friend” to ask questions on upcoming Cabinet decisions.
  4. Its a valuable opportunity for scrutiny to inform and influence decision making through debate and challenge.
The Transforming Adult Services scrutiny councillors will be doing some pre-decision next week, Monday 11 January, on the Review of Abergelli and the Beeches day services which recommends consolidating the 2 services.  Scrutiny councillors felt that the decision to vary and change the existing services in this way should be subject to some pre-decision.
Once the councillors have discussed the report with the Cabinet Member next week they’ll pass their views and recommendations to Cabinet to make sure that these are considered alongside the cabinet report.
If you would like any further information on this or the meeting next week you can contact us on the blog or you can email the scrutiny team on scrutiny@swansea.gov.uk

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