So what is happening in education scrutiny in Swansea?

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Swansea Councils education scrutiny body, the Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel, has the role of providing ongoing challenge to schools performance in order to ensure that pupils in Swansea are receiving a high quality education and that it is meeting its objectives to improve schools standards and pupil attainment.

The up-coming meetings for this Panel are:

1 September at 4.00pm (Committee Room 6 in the Guildhall) – the panel will be looking at the School Improvement Service including improving the quality of teaching and learning and consistency of teacher assessments

29 September at 4.oopm (Meeting Room 6 in the Guildhall) – the Panel will be meeting with the Headteacher from Sketty Primary School to discuss tools and techniques they use for intervention in order to improve pupil wellbeing and attainment.

You can find copies of all scrutiny agendas on our website at (the papers for both meetings will be available at the end of the week prior to the meeting).

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