Swansea Schools Performing well says Scrutiny


Councillors discussed the Annual Education Performance information for 2015/16 with the Cabinet Member for Education and the Chief Education Officer.  They were pleased with the positive picture in the education service in Swansea and wanted to congratulate schools, governing bodies and the education department for their hard work and dedication to driving improvement in not only pupil outcomes but to the wellbeing of children in Swansea.

Scrutiny Councillors particularly note how well English as Additional Language pupils are performing in Swansea which is a credit to the inclusivity of our schools, the work of Schools and the English as Additional Language service and enthusiasm of pupils and their parents.

They, after considering the data, found that

  • There is, on balance, an upward trend across all key stages
  • Attendance has improved again and that there is a clear upward trend
  • Fixed term exclusions have fallen at a rate faster than all-Wales, and are now the third lowest in Wales.
  • English as Additional Language (EAL) pupils’ performance is showing a strong upward five year trend with results at Key Stage 4 that outperform non-EAL.
  • We still have a number of challenges and need to have a continued focus on
    • Foundation Phase which shows an upward trend but the results are still below all-wales and we are ranking poorly at 19 out of the 22 Local Authorities in Wales.
    • Large gap between both eFSM and Looked After Children’s performance and their counterparts in schools


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