So, where at we at with that Regional Working Scrutiny Inquiry?

The Regional Working Scrutiny Inquiry is now progressing at a good pace the Councillors have met with the different council directorates to discuss in some detail the regional working activities that are taking place.  The Panel will now in February meet with some of the partners that have been identified throughout this process including: Western Bay, Education through Regional Working (ERW), City Deal, Waste Partnership and the South West Wales Regional Partnership.  The inquiry will begin to conclude in mid-March where the Panel will look at their finding before making recommendations in a report to Cabinet.

The Welsh Government has long seen collaboration between public services and particularly local government as a means of providing more efficient and effective services.  Councillors identified this as an important issue for scrutiny at a conference of scrutiny councillors in July.   Following this a Scrutiny Panel was set up on the 2 October to look at ‘how the council and it partners can develop and improve regional working for the benefit of Swansea and its residents?’

If you would like to contribute to this inquiry you can do so by contacting us by 15 March at


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