Scrutiny Councillors express concerns over Outcome of Residential Care and Day Services for Older People Commissioning Reviews

Councillors on the Adult Services Scrutiny Performance Panel have recently met to discuss the Outcome of Residential Care and Day Services for Older People Commissioning Reviews.

A number of concerns were raised by the Panel including:

  • The commissioning review taking too long to complete and that residential care and day care should have been separated as it was very confusing for people
  • The Council’s long term vision is to rely on the private sector to deliver standard residential care, the Panel expressed concerns that the council will not be offering a public sector option. The Panel felt that this needs to be acknowledged and made clear to clients.
  • In relation to the proposed closure of the Parkway site, the Panel felt there was no clarity about what will happen to the site if it does close. The Panel felt that there is a possibility of strong opposition to the proposals from residents of Parkway and would like to know how the Authority will then proceed if a resident refused to leave.

Councillor Peter Black, Convenor of the Panel has written to the Cabinet Member for Health & Wellbeing to reflect on the Panel’s discussion and has also fed back the Panel’s concerns to Cabinet on 19 April.

To read Cllr Peter Black’s letter and to keep up to date with all discussions and meetings held by this Panel, visit Swansea Council’s website.

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