Your views on the Natural Environment and Biodiversity in Swansea

A Scrutiny Panel has been appointed to take an in depth look at how the Natural Environment and Biodiversity are  considered by Swansea Council.

The inquiry will run until October and will take account of the views of a range of people and providers. At the end the Panel will produce a report to be submitted to Swansea Council Cabinet complete with recommendations.

The inquiry key question is

‘What should Swansea Council be doing to maintain and enhance its natural environment and biodiversity, and in doing so promote the resilience of eco-systems?’

The Panel have been gathering over the past few months but would now like to hear your views.

If you could take the time to complete the attached questionnaire the Panel would be most grateful.

The survey is open until 30 September 2018 – Link to Survey

Your views are important.

Thank you.


  1. Patrick Ellis says

    As a stroke Survivor l don’t get out as much as I used to. I don’t know, as I said earlier, what the council do to promote awareness of these issues. Increased and improved publicity could be a way forward in this debate.

  2. Dean Matthews says

    can u please cut back the trees around the boating lake as the area does not look very inviting when travelling down mumbles road. i would suggest cutting back the first 12 foot from the floor. the area just looks really overgrown and tired which disourages families from going there. it should be a magnet for a family day or evening as its such a lovely spot.

    This video will show you how children in Morriston see it.

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