So, whats happening in the Equalities Scrutiny Inquiry

The Scrutiny Inquiry into Equalities in Swansea continues at a pace, with Councillors speaking to people from different groups and organisations across Swansea.  They have spoken to young people via the Big Conversation, older people at the 50+ Network, people from the LGBT community at the LGBT Forum.  The panel also plan to speak to Carers, the Disability Liaison Forum, Black and Minority Ethnic Forum, Joining the Dots Team and veterans.

The Equalities Scrutiny Panel back in October agreed their work programme for the inquiry into equalities.  As part of this piece of work Councillors have also spoken Council Directors in order to understand the equalities aspects within their remit including how they are progressing with their equalities objectives, the embedding of the council’s equalities duties and staff training/knowledge.

The panels up and coming meetings are:

31 January 2019 (At 10.30am in Committee room 3a in Guildhall) – Meeting with Director of Education and a session with the Councils Equalities Staff Representatives

11 March 2019 (At 10.30am in Committee Room 5 in Guildhall) – Equality and Human Rights Commission

The Inquiry is due to be finalised in April where Councillors will start to decide upon their conclusion and recommendations.  Keep an eye on our blog for further updates.

All these meetings are open to the public and the panel would welcome your views at the meetings and/or in writing via email or letter.  You can email us at


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