Introducing the Natural Environment Scrutiny Performance Panel

A new Natural Environment scrutiny panel has been established. The Panel will be responsible for ongoing monitoring of council performance in relation to the natural environment and biodiversity.

The development of this panel follows the introduction of a new Corporate Priority and a scrutiny inquiry which looked at how the Council manages the natural resources in Swansea.

This also links with the recent Climate Emergency which was recently declared by Swansea Council.

The Panel will hold its first meeting on 25th September 2019. This meeting will have an overview on the current Council commitments under the natural environment and what plans and projects are in place.

Some of the other items the panel intend on exploring are Local Flood Risks, Glyphosate (weed killer) use and nuisance gulls.

Swansea are a leading Council when it comes to maintaining and enhancing the natural environment and the panel will be keen to hear what new initiatives the Council have planned to ensure the natural environment and biodiversity are a top priority.

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