Scrutiny Councillors discuss figures for the Child Protection Register in Swansea

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The Child & Family Services Panel met with the Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Councillor Elliott King to discuss Performance and Emergency Staffing in the Service.

The Panel heard that the number of children on the child protection register remains at 200 which is in line with where it should be. However, there continues to be a higher number of children registered at birth and more unborns in Swansea are seen in circumstances that give cause for concern. The Panel heard that there has been a noticeable reduction in the average number of days children are on the child protection register and that the Directorate is undertaking some analysis of this to be assured children are moving on in the right way.

The Panel was impressed with how the figures for the number of looked after children have been reducing, especially in current circumstances. Panel Members credited the Department for this. Panel Members expressed concern about support for refugees and asylum seeker families as many are placed temporarily and are then moved to a different part of the city. Members queried if any special provision is made and what the support system is for them. It was confirmed that if they meet the statutory threshold or come through the Early Help Hub, the Directorate works together with the Council’s services and local services to offer support to families they are aware of.

Click here to find out more about what was discussed at this meeting including the update on Emergency Staffing within Child & Family Services.

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