Great Expectations: Meeting the New Councillors

Yesterday we held a councillor induction session for Overview and Scrutiny.

Of the 72 councillors elected on May 3rd, 33 are new councillors.  The induction session was a brilliant opportunity for the Overview and Scrutiny team to meet many of those new councillors and we were delighted that a few of the more experienced hands were also able to come along and share their thoughts and experience.


The overall aim of the session was to give a general idea of the types of things that Overview and Scrutiny can do and to get people thinking about how they might be able to make a difference as overview and scrutiny councillors. 

We were bowled over by the knowledge and understanding that the new councillors had and excited by the many great ideas for scrutiny work coming out of the discussion groups.  It is clear that we will have to be on our A-game as a team to keep up!

Here is the presentation to give a sense of what was covered.







  1. I really like the presentation- I would add “who has the information we need” to the slide on ‘Something to Think About’, as it starts that process of considering how to balance evidence etc.

  2. Great point Matt! Or maybe even ‘what evidence do we need to help us decide?’

  3. Definitely something along those lines- the point is to start developing wider perspectives, and finding the research/data/evidence to back up the qualitative submissions that colour a scrutiny review

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