The ERW Scrutiny Councillor Group to meet in March

Scrutiny Councillors from across the five local authorities will meet on the 1 March 2021.   The purpose of the group is to help ensure the best educational outcomes for children in the Education Through Regional Working (ERW) region by supporting effective scrutiny to support … [Read More...]

Swansea Councillors to scrutinise the Annual Budget proposals

Scrutiny Councillors will scrutinise the Annual Budget papers that are scheduled to be presented to the Councils Cabinet on the 18 February 2021. The Service Improvement and Finance Panel will carry out pre-decision scrutiny on these papers but prior to that the different scrutiny panels will … [Read More...]

Swansea Skills Partnership

pic courtesy The Education Scrutiny Performance Panel found a discussion with members of the Swansea Skills Partnership very useful, helping them to understand the role, the progress being made and the added value of having such a Partnership in Swansea. You can … [Read More...]

Elective Home Education

The Education Scrutiny Performance Panel chose to look at this issue because the numbers of requests to de-register pupils and to electively home educate them had increased resulting from the Covid situation.  The Panel heard that the local authority is not responsible for the provision of … [Read More...]

Wellbeing of pupils at Waunwen Primary School ‘inspiring’ say Swansea Scrutiny Councillors

Councillors from the Education Scrutiny Performance Panel agreed that it is inspiring to see, when supported, how pupils can become more resilient and able to learn. The Panel thanked the Headteacher of Waun Wen Primary and the Chair and Vice Chair of Governors for attending our meeting on the 19 … [Read More...]