So, now that the local elections 2022 are over, what is next for Scrutiny?

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The Council’s Annual General Meeting will take place on 24 May 2022. At this meeting the Leader of the Council will be elected, and the Leader will announce the names of the Councillors chosen as Cabinet Members.

We’ll also find out which Councillors will sit on the Scrutiny Programme Committee and who will Chair it.  

The Scrutiny Programme Committee will then be responsible for agreeing the work of scrutiny and will have a range of methods to carry out this work and make a difference:

  • An issue could be subject of in-depth inquiry, which would demand a wide range of evidence to be gathered, leading to publication of a report with conclusions and recommendations.
  • Many issues will be discussed as part of ongoing performance and financial monitoring of services that scrutiny does through Performance Panels.
  • Other issues could be tackled through one-off focussed Working Group meetings.

A good Scrutiny Work Programme will include issues not only of strategic importance to the Council but issues of community concern. We want your input to help scrutiny councillors decide what issues should be looked at, as they hold cabinet members to account and challenge service improvement.

Anyone living or working in Swansea is encouraged to contribute to the work of scrutiny by suggesting topics of concern.

If you have a topic or issue in mind that you feel Scrutiny Councillors should consider then please fill in our Scrutiny Survey, below:

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