Scrutiny Councillors say that the staff and facilities at Maes Derw Pupil Referral Unit are inspiring

The Education Scrutiny Performance Panel, which is made up of Swansea Councillors and Parent Governor Co-opted members, made a visit to Maes Derw Pupil Referral Unit to meet staff and see the facility.

Maes Derw is a school that is designed and staffed to support some of Swansea’s most vulnerable young people, where they are supported to remain or return to schools within their communities. Pupils can be offered a wide curriculum alongside vocational training to give greater opportunity. Many of the pupils have complex social, emotional and behavioural difficulties which if not fully addressed reduces their chances of future employment and wellbeing.

The Panel, at the end of the visit, said they welcomed the design and layout of the new facility and were particularly impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication of all the staff.  They felt the work at the PRU was inspiring and the Panel appreciated the difference this is making to the lives of some of the most vulnerable pupils in Swansea.

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