A focus on Archives and Community Hubs

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By acting as a ‘critical friend’ scrutiny has the opportunity to challenge individual cabinet members on their actions and performance in relation to their areas of responsibilities. At their last meeting in August, Members on the Scrutiny Programme Committee discussed the portfolio responsibilities of Cllr Elliott King focussing in particular on Archives and Community Hubs.

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Rob Stewart, also attended the meeting and discussed the Community Hubs project. He explained that these ‘one stop shops’ would enhance the service to the public by combining key public-facing services in one accessible area, including a Central Library, Archive Service, Revenues & Benefits, Housing Options, Lifelong Learning, Employability Services, and Contact Centre, and discussions were on-going with external partners.

The Committee questioned the Cabinet Members on the costs of the scheme and highlighted the need to publicise these costs as soon as possible, given the cost of living crisis and other cost pressures. Scrutiny Councillors also raised some concerns about the implications for the Archive Service and future public access when it is located in the Community Hub.

You can find out more about what was discussed at this meeting including the detailed discussion of the future of the Archive Service by clicking here.

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