Do you have a question for Councillor Mitchell Theaker, Cabinet Member for Opportunities for Children & Young People?

The Cabinet Member for Opportunities for Children & Young People, Councillor Mitchell Theaker, will be appearing before the Scrutiny Programme Committee on 7 July for a question and answer session.

Mitch Theaker

Cllr Mitchell Theaker


The committee will explore the work he has done in this role, looking at priorities, actions, achievements and impact. They would welcome your ideas for questions.

The Opportunities for Children & Young People portfolio includes responsibility for:

Is there anything that you think the committee should ask him? Any suggestions made before 7 July will be looked at by the committee in developing its questioning strategy and the key ones will be put to Councillor Theaker.

Let us have your ideas by adding a comment to this post, by email to or tweet us at @swanseascrutiny.

The committee meeting will take place on Monday 7 July at 4.30 pm in Committee Room 1 in the Civic Centre, Swansea and the public are welcome to attend.

This will be the start of a series of Cabinet Member Question Sessions that will take place over the course of the year.  The committee meets every 4 weeks. Next up will be Councillor Mark Child, Cabinet Member for Wellbeing, on 4 August.

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  1. To Cllr Theaker, Have you undertaken a survey of all identiable communities / villages in the Swansea County to establish details of which communities / villages are without any play facilities for children. In the rural Mawtr Ward it is the Mawr Community Council that has provided most play facilities in the past with little help from the higher authorities. Of the four Mawr Villages of Craigcefnparc & Garnswllt & Felindre & Rhydypandy, Mawr Community has provided a Community Hall and a Playing Field and a Tennis Court each at Craigcefnparc & Felindre & Garnswllt. Sadly the Tennis Courts had to stripped out for safety as maintenance was too expensive. The three Community Halls and Playing Fields remain thanks only to the Copmmunity Council. Felindre now has a new Play MUGA thanks only to the mawr Trust and Mawr Council. Rhydypandy and Garnswllt have each got a small play area privided by Swansea Council – that’s all. Craigcefnparc once had a Play Park provided by Mawr Communitry Council but that was stripped out when it became old and dangerous. Today Craigcefnparc, the biggest village in Mawr, with over a thousand population has no play area and nothing provided by the City & County of Swansea for children. Do you have any intentions to press for (grant?) funding to provide play facilities at villages like Craigcefnparc?
    From Cllr Ioan Richard.

  2. Cerian Appleby says:

    As a co-reporter of the The Rights of Young People report that was instrumental in Swansea becoming the first UNCRC council in the UK, what steps have you taken to seek the views of pupils in the sale of surplus land of their school sites? To my knowledge when you attended Pontarddulais Primary recently you told them that you were not ‘directly responsible for the decision to sell off the land’ when questioned on the council’s proposal to sell off part of Pontarddulais field. As a councillor for a council that aspires to make Swansea the UK’s children’s rights capital, was this not a wasted opportunity to uphold article 12 and 42 of the UNCRC and to seek their views and report them back to those that are ‘responsible’ for such decisions in the council?
    The council state that the land ‘surplus’ to requirement includes half of the school rugby pitch and as the remaining land is sloped can you answer how the council aim for the children of this school to play football and rugby if this land is sold? The Ray Beech Inter-schools rugby Tournament almost ceased to be as a result of nowhere to play until Pontarddulais Primary agreed to host it over the last few years. Where does the council propose that this is held if the pitch disappears?

  3. Brij Madahar says:

    Thank you both for these suggestions. It will help the committee to develop the plan for questions.

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