Engaging with staff to improve our corporate culture


The Corporate Culture Scrutiny Panel will meet tomorrow to look at the results of a recent staff survey and at how we as an organisation engage and communicate with staff.

The staff survey was carried out during August to October 2014 and was made available online via the internal and external websites and in hard copy for those staff who are not able to access the internet.  2,227 responses were received which equates to a response rate of 25%. The content of the questions was largely based upon a survey carried out by the NHS on their staff.

The results from the survey are positive for the majority of questions asked.  Some of these positives and negatives include for example: 88% staff agree they are trusted to do their job, 82% staff are satisfied with the support they get from work colleagues, 81% staff often/always happy to go the extra mile at work, 40% staff are satisfied with the extent to which the organisation values their work, 51% staff are satisfied with the recognition they get for good work, 52% staff are satisfied with the support they have to develop skills and learn new thing.

The full survey results will be communicated to staff in the near future along with a set of actions to address those issues identified.

The Panel will also discuss how the Council engages and communicates with its staff including the corporate methods used like StaffNet, Top Brief, Chief Executive’s blog, staff road show etc.  They will also hear about the new employee engagement strategy.

If you would like any further information on this inquiry or in scrutiny more generally you can contact us at scrutiny@swansea.gov.uk

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