Economic Inactivity Panel

Economic Inactivity Inquiry Panel (Lead Councillor Chis Holley)

An Inquiry was completed during 2013 which asked the question ‘How can the Council and its Partners reduce economic inactivity in Swansea ? ‘ The economic Inquiry Panel’s report ‘Workless not Worthless’ made a number of recommendations to Cabinet and these formally responded to in June 2014.

Some key messages coming out the this inquiry included;

  • Practical support needs to be offered to specific target groups.
  • All groups should have the opportunity to access jobs, training and apprenticeships.
  • All employment services should provide high quality information and accessible services.
  • The Council should intervene earlier with young people at risk of becoming NEETS.
  • Work needs to carried out around raising and encouraging the aspirations of young people

The Panel was reconvened on June 24 2015 to consider the impact of its report and recommendations also if the work of the Panel had made a difference

The Scrutiny Inquiry has influenced progress on a number of issues;

  • The work of schemes such as; Beyond Bricks & Mortar, the Communities First LIFT programme and specifically the Work ways scheme which provides paid work experience opportunities for participants.
  • The formation of a single point of entry to pool together information for job seekers. The ‘Inform Swansea’ initiative has developed a website/e-portal which is now operational.
  • To continue with the work carried out by the ‘Keeping in Touch’ strategy as part of the Youth Engagement and Progression or Priority Framework Implementation Plan.
  • The development of an ESF project entitled ‘Activate your Potential’ which is designed to reduce the number of those at risk of becoming NEET amongst 11-16 year olds. The project aims to raise awareness of the relevance of school education for future work and prosperity, raising the aspirations of young people in schools.
  • The delivery of regular entrepreneurship events such as; the ‘Young Business Dragons’ competition to showcase young talent. The formation of a consortium consisting of two banks, the universities, Gower College and the Council to create a ‘Swansea Seed Capital Fund.’ This will provide small amounts of funding and large levels of mentoring support to young people wishing to create their own business.

The Panel agreed that consideration of the Inquiry report has contributed to the important work around reducing economic inactivity within Swansea. The recommendations of the report have had a direct impact on the progress and successful outcomes of a number of projects, schemes and initiatives.



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