Archives for January 2016

Why do we do pre-decision scrutiny?

Pre-decision scrutiny is the process that enables scrutiny councillors to engage with the Cabinet before it takes decisions and there are very good reasons why it should happen. Its an opportunity for consultation with non-executive councillors before Cabinet makes its decision. It enables scrutiny councillors to gain information and develop an understanding on particular issues. […]

Improving our scrutiny inquiry process

We have made some changes to our scrutiny inquiry process over recent months and, as they have been positively received by scrutiny councillors, I thought I would share.  OK, you probably have to be a bit of a scrutiny geek but, if you are, I hope it’s useful. Much of what we have changed flows […]

Building Sustainable Communities

The Building Sustainable Communities scrutiny panel will next meet on the 14 January where they will plan their inquiry which will focus more specifically on how the council can best support residents to run some services in their own communities. In order to maintain important local services the council will need to be a radical in looking […]

Whats next for Schools Performance Scrutiny?

The Schools Performance Scrutiny Panel have two meeting meetings scheduled over January and February and you are welcome to come along and listen to the discussion and/or look at the papers online when they are published.  These include: 21 January at 5pm (Committee Room 3b in the Guildhall) – the panel will be looking at: Annual Education Performance data 2014/15 which will […]